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Getting Started with PreTeXt Virtual Workshops [Registration]

Want to get started writing your next great document, producing print, interactive and accessible HTML, and braille all from the same source? Community leaders Steven Clontz and Oscar Levin are hosting virtual workshops this summer to get you started from scratch.

Two options are are available. Registration is $150, with early-bird discounts and other waivers available (see registration form for details).

Register here for either the May or July session. Space is limited and offered first come, first serve.

Learn how to teach with Team-Based Inquiry Learning using the PreTeXt-powered TBIL Resource Library!

This MAA-sponsored virtual workshop will be offered 2023 June 5-9. Learn more here.

NSF-funded workshop held 2023 June 12-16 to envision the future of our Open-Source Ecosystem. Learn more here.

Participants will experience learning and teaching with the Active Calculus PreTeXt book hosted on Runestone, and learn how Runestone can replace the need for a separate online homework system.

This minicourse will take place at MAA Mathfest (2023 August 2-5) in Tampa, FL. Learn more here.

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All our events are available on our PROSE calendar.